Fiskars x27 vs Fiskars x25: which one’s the smart buy?

June 12, 2023

Fiskars x27 vs Fiskars x25: Thinking about a long lasting cutting tool that fits suitable for domestic and professional purposes is impossible without the axe and hatchets belonging from Fiskars series. The tool is known for its enhanced utility value, perfect edge for splitting and chopping multiple objects with high accuracy, etc.

Fiskars X series is well known for its competitive look, utmost utility for a camper, DIY log-house builder, handyman, etc. Some even consider the Fiskar X series products ‘ultimate soulmate for gardeners and landscapers’. As a buyer, when you’re visualizing them as Fiskars x27 vs Fiskars x25, both look like real-time competitors for you.

  • Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits. Most Powerful in its class.

  • Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power.

It looks like you have entered a shoe store to buy a canvas where you see the products of ‘Nike’ and ‘Reebok’ are placed together. So how would you segregate the best from these two?

A tough thing to answer though!

If you’re thinking somewhat like that, then the following information about the head-to-head competitive feature of these two products may help you to select the apt one that you actually need for yourself.

How often did this happen with you that you planned to buy an Apple I-Phone X series from the market and ended up buying another model after finding it more convincing than the previous ones? It must have happened a number of times with you right? That’s why, we have framed a cut-throat comparison between the competitiveness of Fiskars splitting axe X25 vs X27 by placing their features side by side.

Delving into the descriptive analysis of the competitiveness of both Fiskars x27 vs x25, for you:

Fiskars x27 vs Fiskars x25

Fiskars X27 Overview:

Fiskars x27 splitting axe comes in standard size for splitting hard objects:

Comes in size of 36 inches, this one has multiple advantages in splitting. First of all, it’s fairly larger than the standard Fiskars X25 series, and it’s recommended for those with a fair height. Since the hatchet needs sufficient energy to pull it, swing and then hammer it for stroking, someone who’s taller is preferable for the purpose. The tool is suitable for slicing heavy chunks of wood, large pieces of hard log, easily.

Best Seller

Fiskars X27 Super

Lifetime warranty

Ideal for taller users splitting medium- to large-sized logs

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In the Fiskars x27 vs x25 comparison, X27 is well known for its accurate balance:

Just as you need balance for operating a cutting tool, the Fiskar X27 axe needs sufficient balance to swing it in multiple directions? That’s because the user needs to generate power while swinging the axe for hammering it on the object. The aerodynamic blade quality guarantees flawless cut with an assurance that the object gets splitted once the razor touches it.

Fiskars x27 splitting axe has an undoubtedly strong and rigid grip:

The grip of the hatchet handle is another attraction with Fiskars X27. That’s one of the reasons for which buyers get frequently stuck while comparing fiskars splitting axe x25 vs x27 with each other. It’s fiber grip handle looks exactly as a baseball bat handle, that adds a trendy look to the tool. The rigid grip of the handle assures non-slippery experience to the user with a smart vibration control ability. One such ability avoids missing a single stroke while hammering an object for splitting.

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The comparison between Fiskars x27 vs x25 is legit due to the brand goodwill from past

Initially famed as one of the global manufacturers of orange handles scissors in 1967, the company became a big-shot when more than 1 million of their products were sold in 2010. In 2019, they reached the domestic households, outdoors and didn’t stop till there. They even widened their hands in interior decoration, and table setting.

As a Finnish Group company, it was a challenge initially for them to grab the global hatchet manufacturing business, but as their products rose to fame, the buyers started comparing Fiskars x27 vs x25 for it’s enhanced use. The X series got popularity because of its:

  • Rugged utility value.
  • Undoubtedly perfect performance in hostile weather condition.
  • Associated brands like Littala, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgewood, Waterford have equally took the limelight by becoming familiar with the global customers.
  • Meticulously categorized products with their feature details in “Markkinointi & Mainonta” marketing magazine, that’s meant for regular household, domestic, commercial as well as industrial use.

These unique features made it quite difficult for the buyers to compare fiskars splitting axe x25 vs x27 while selecting whether the X25 or the X27 in Fiskars x27 vs x25 comparative debate.

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Key Features:

  • Maximum advantage for taller people as it’s perfect for chopping hard solid medium and large sized log chunks.
  • Guaranteed efficiency enhanced with rigid grip reducing wrist sprains.
  • Equalized balance while swinging and hammering an object.
  • Convex razor blade for multiple effortless hammering one after the other.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Weighs approx. 5.85-5.86 pounds.


  • Remarkably brilliant for gardening, cooking, crafting etc.
  • Since, the brand specializes in manufacturing garden tools, crafting materials, buyers always place it in the first category as it’s a smart fit for daily use.
  • The forged steel base insert molded blades of fiskars x27 splitting axe provide long lasting guarantee to the product.
  • Light weighted gripping feature of the tool further assures smooth and effortless cuts.
  • Aggrandized swing speed by enforcing powerful impact in continuous strikes one after the other.
  • Potentially reliable and far durable than steel blade that remains loyal by assuring unbreakable under any circumstances.


  • If you’re comparing with Fiskars x27 vs Fiskars x25, make sure to prioritize a tool that meets your choice suitably. It might not be safe for you if you aren’t tall.
  • Not a necessary one for chopping small and medium objects, but if you’re comfortable to handle it, you may go for it!

As a buyer, you might be curious to know why, till now you have been browsing about Fiskars X27 only, while reading a comparative analysis between the Fiskars x27 vs x25 splitting axes.

Does that mean that the X25 is not so popular, and buying the Fiskars X25 splitting axe is like rolling the dice?

Precisely not!

The X series is of the bestselling products all over the world and has got sufficient good fame due to its reliable utility. After going through the detailed features of Fiskars X25 splitting axe splitting axe only you can be the best judge to evaluate the comparative utility of fiskars splitting axe x25 vs x27, as you’re the buyer and the sole decision maker after all!

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Fiskars X25 Overview:

The technical features of X25 might vary from that of X25 series that makes it a bit unique from it’s elder sibling Fiskars X27 splitting axe, and that segregates it from the X27 series. Though the sharpness of the blades are relatively same, but X25 blade edges are a bit better than the X27 Fiskars splitting axe, however the uniqueness of the elder brother from X series are:

Light Weight

Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe, 28-Inch, 2 Pack

Lifetime Warranty

Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power.

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By comparing Fiskars x27 vs x25, this one is shorter than the elder brother:

Frankly, if you’re comparing the two, the first thing that strikes your mind is the size and dimension of Fiskars X25 splitting axe, as its 28 inches in dimension. Believe it or deny it, this product has been actually meant for those with a bit short height. The product’s blade is an added advantage as it splits objects easily. Though the efficiency of X27 and X25 Fiskars splitting axes are relatively the same, there’s a slight difference in between the two.

Being short, while you’re comparing Fiskars splitting axe X25 vs X27: the younger one is comfortable to carry:

You don’t have to be too tall, to carry this hatchet. Unlike the fiskars X27 series splitting axe, this one is short, and can be carried easily. Be it about cutting the medium or small sized logs, the axe stands perfect for one such use. Be it for domestic purposes or for professional purposes, it’s a perfect handyman’s tool. It’s a perfect camping tool for frequent backpackers and campers.

Carrying the tent, backpack, etc. can be quite heavy for a camper in many ways. A lightweight axe can fit in a medium sized backpack easily. That way, you can always enjoy a handy axe with you while carrying it for camping.

If you’re looking ahead for a medium sized hatchet that’s comfortable to carry then choosing the fiskars Fiskars X25 splitting axe in comparison to Fiskars X27 vs X25 axe will always be a smart choice for you.

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If compared between the blades of Fiskars x27 vs x25, this one gets sharper with use:

You don’t have to take additional care of the blades to keep the edges sharp. That’s because the X25 Fiskars splitting axe gets sharper automatically with the increase in the utility of the razor blades. Its one strike-splitting feature adds competitiveness to the product, by making it usable for almost all ages of users.

Additional smart shock-grip shock absorbing feature:

The shock absorbing feature helps a user to chop an object without vibration. Unlike the Fiskars X27 splitting axe, where the impact of a swing needs to be tackled, this one barely needs any such additional effort while splitting. The shock absorbing facility guarantees safety from wrist sprains while using with a single hand.

By comparing Fiskars splitting axe X25 vs X27, you may find that X25 has minimum chances of overstriking damages:

Conventional splitting axes may widen the risk of blade damage, which is simply out of question with fiskars X25 series splitting axe, as it’s trimmed design and geometrically angled blades are potentially rigid and seamless for splitting multiple and small sized logs and woods with high defined accuracy and perfection.

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Key Features:

  • Easy to open and lock feature enabled in the axe at the back of the razor edge.
  • Perma head design of the tool enhances its accuracy for precise and effective cuts.
  • Additional sheath is provided for carrying the tool.
  • Ultra sharp edged razors to enhance the quality of the blades.
  • Fiber comp handle is an additional benefit.


  • Performance comes with a guarantee for cutting and splitting extreme hard objects.
  • Just as the Fiskars X27 splitting axe, Fiskars X25 splitting axe has durable blades.
  • X series blades are crafted with proprietary grinding technique.
  • Perfect for cleaner and refined cuts.
  • Unlike Fiskars X27 splitting axe, this one assures impact making powerful cuts without giving much human effort.
  • Suitable for those who aren’t much tall for chopping an object.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Not suggestible for those with tall heights, as it can be too short for them to use.


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Why is Fiskars X Series well known or what’s the reason behind it’s quick popularity?

The basic reason for which Fiskars X series earned quick popularity amongst the buyers is because, unlike other hatchets or axe series, this one has precise categorial tools for chopping and splitting. As an ordinary buyer, often you may get this query in your mind, how is chopping different from splitting.

Well, call that a genuine question!

Although a chopping tool and a splitting tool may look almost the same, the real difference lies in their utility value. While a chopping tool is specialized for cutting objects, a splitting tool is meant for cutting solid hard objects like chunks of frozen ice, wood, sufficiently powerful logs, wood, etc. The Fiskars X series has just categorized the chopping axes and splitting axes in two different groups. While the Fiskars X5-X10 series specializes in chopping, the fiskars X11-X27 series is known for splitting.

  • Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits. Most Powerful in its class.

  • Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power.

Now, coming back to the comparative analysis of Fiskars x27 vs X25

While the Fiskars X5 to X10 series can be sufficient for chopping materials like hewing lumber, cutting not so hard objects, the Fiskars X 11 to X27 series are specifically designed for heavy duty splitting purposes. Be it about splitting trees, clearing the trails or for using it for heavy duty purposes, the X11-X27 series are specialized for all such precise splitting purposes.

Segregating the chopping tools from the splitting series helps buyers to segregate the axes in many ways. While the Fiskars X7, X11 can be used for camping axes, the splitting axes from Fiskars X25 and X27 series are used for splitting medium, small and large logs effectively.

The following head to head comparison between fiskars X27 vs Fiskars 25 series might help you to identify the right tool that you need for yourself.

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Head to head Comparison between Fiskars X25 splitting axe vs X25 splitting axes:

  • Small size vs relatively taller size

Dimension plays a pivotal role before buying an axe. If you’re looking ahead to use an axe that guarantees you comfortability then you need to select one tool that meets your height and most important, you can clutch it with both hands. On the basis of the comparison between the Fiskars X27 vs X25, the variation in sizes have been identified below,

Dimension of the product comes as 1*1*1 inches

The dimension and size of the product comes in 2.2*9.4*31.5 inches

  • Short Handle vs 96 cm long handle length can’t be avoided while comparing X25 vs X27

While comparing the handle of Fiskars X27 vs Fiskars X25 splitting axe, you may find that the handle length of the products are quite different from one another. Their detailed identification are as follows:


  • Provides rigid strong balance and fits it for single handed use
  • Prevents hand injury due to overstrike
  • Easily clutchable for people with short heights



  • Reduces fiction, with shock vibrant facility but can’t be used with one hand
  • Strong non-slippery fiber grip enhanced feature to avoid hand sprains
  • Perfect grip for those with taller heights


  • ‘Focus based strike’ vs ‘focus is not necessarily needed’, as it’s meant for rugged use

User needs to identify the right focal point for hammering post to a gentle swing, to get best performance

Keeping a focal point is not necessarily needed for the user, as it’s more effective for continuous random hammering purposes. The tool is a smart fit for rugged purposes.

  • Weight factor

Weight is another important factor while choosing the Fiskars axe. As a user, you must verify the weightage of the product before ordering the product from the store.

X25 weight:
Being comparatively lighter than Fiskars X27 splitting axe, it’s 5.29 pounds can be manageable with single hand

X27 weight:
Being comparatively heavier than the fiskars X25 series of splitting axe, it’s comparatively easier to carry in two hands and can be used for rapid and random swings

  • Warranty is almost same for the both

Life-time warranty is the only factor that’s almost the same for both the products that you will find while comparing Fiskars X 27 vs X25 series. However, the warranty coverage of the products may vary from commercial, industrial and domestic users. If you’re looking ahead to find the right utility of the product, you may consult the product website to know about both the X series axes in detail.

  • Safety factor ratio: X27 vs X25

Whether you buy an ordinary hatchet or a product belonging from the Fiskars X series, compromising with the safety feature is out of question. Make a single mistake, you might end up losing one of your body organs!

That’s why it’s important to verify the Fiskars X27 splitting axe from the safety features of Fiskars X25 series splitting axes, which may ease the process of selecting the right tool when you draw a comparative analysis between Fiskars X27 vs X25 axes.

Though long handle axes are meant for those who’re tall, safety measures get enhanced when users with shorter heights take the Fiskars X27 splitting axe for splitting an object. If you’re above 5-6 feet and 7-8 inches tall, then you must be fine with this axe series.

If you’re a newbie handyman or a carpenter or a woodcutter who’s new to the job domain, then the previous one might be fine, but if you’re a pro, the shorter one might be apt for you, as it’s easy to carry, flexible to swing and needs less human effort to chop any object needed to split.

  • Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits. Most Powerful in its class.

  • Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are Fiskars Axes better than other ordinary axes?

Known for its brilliant track record, fiskars axes are one of the oldest hatchet manufacturing companies of Finland that started the business with gardening tools, and maulers. Today they have reached the edge where Fiskars x series splitting and chopping series axes are known for leaving a mark behind for the users. They’re not only good and reliable, they are optimized cutting tools that meet the required niche of a user’s potentiality and strength. Their safety measures are known for high popularity. Unlike other axes, fiskars X27 and X25 splitting axe products come with life-time warranty for the users.

  • Country of the product’s origin?

Fiskars product has originated from Finland and they’re known for their global brand name. The products of Fiskars brand shot to fame in 2010, when their 1 million products (approx.) was sold.

  • Do Fiskars manufacture scissors?

Fiskars was founded in the USA back in 1977, at that time they were one of the global manufacturers of scissors all around the world.

  • What are the popular sizes of axes available from the fiskars family?

The Fiskars chopping axes start from X5 series and exist till X10 series. It’s splitting specialized series begins from X11 and lasts till X27. Before buying the Fiskars axe, it’s necessary for a user to evaluate his/her own physical strength, height as the weight and dimensions of the product vary. Before buying the product it’s important for the user to know the right tool that he/she is able to carry.


After browsing through the comparative analysis of fiskars X25 vs Fiskars 27 axe, you must have realized by now that it’s tricky to choose whether X25 or Fiskars 27 splitting axe, but as a user you might be the smart judge to analyze the right product that fits your choice and meets the right one that fulfills your requirement.


Carlo’s introduction to the wilderness was during his stint in geothermal and geological surveying, which brought him to remote and unusual hiking spots all over Southeast Asia. His outdoor experience has made him an expert in axes and other types of saws.


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