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Best Fireman’s Axe You Should Not Miss

June 12, 2023

It’s a common scenario in the US to call 911 emergency service whenever unexpected fire breaks out at home, commercial buildings, industrial plants, etc. 

And the most glorious moment seems to us, when the firefighters come out from a demolished building or a burnt site with the blanket wrapped victims. The mass crowd, social media, news reporters, etc, applaud them and cheer them for their chivalric deed.

Frankly, only a fireman knows the actual percentage of life risk involved in one such job. In such emergency extraction or evacuation, a fireman’s axe is one of the best and popularly used tools by firemen amongst much other equipment.

Choice Fiskars X27 Super Axe

Fiskars X27 Super Axe

  • non-slip grip improves control
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Perfected balance!

in one   Off Grid Tools Axe, Hammer, Pry bar

Off Grid Tools Axe, Hammer, Pry bar

  • Made in the USA
  • Shock-absorbing power grip
  • Handy all-purpose

Durable Collins Pulaski Axe

Collins Pulaski Axe

  • Manufactured in China
  • double injected fiberglass handle
  • fireman’s axe, replacement handle, Sequatchie link


An emergency extraction or an evacuation is indeed a very challenging job in many ways. Wastage of a single moment can be fatal for the insiders who’re stuck in. Sometimes, firemen need to break the window panes, smash the bolted doors that have gone jammed, chop the tree branches that have blocked the lanes of the main building or a commercial property etc.

Nothing else than a fire axe sounds best for all such purposes. Sometimes, even paramedics are deployed by the emergency service departments for evacuating a victim from a residential complex that’s under fire. The job becomes more complicated if any huge tree gets stuck with electric earthing wires, by making it challenging for someone to break those road-blocks and enter inside.

For all such purposes, the best fireman’s axe is needed to get through due to multiple reasons that you will come to know while browsing the ‘purpose of buying a fire axe section.  But before that, we will share detailed well-researched information on most popular fire axe used by modern firemen.

You would be in your wild imagination, if you’re relating a fireman’s job challenges with popular Hollywood movie franchises like ‘Ladder 49’ as their job is definitely more challenging and life-risky than a movie! 

That’s why, we have penned down the list of best fire axes that will definitely help you to realize the right equipment that you must carry 24/7 with you for multiple rescue operations and emergency duties!

Top 8 Popular Fireman’s Axe Reviews That’s Considered Best Till Date

1. Best for taller: Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super (36″) Splitting Axe 



  • Reliable tool for cutting and spitting large-sized logs.
  • Tall people can handle the tool without any hassle.
  • Improved control with a non-slip grip.
  • Limited hand strain to make the users less stressed with the usage.
  • Efficient designs to provide one-strike splits.
  • Tool has power-to-weight ratio.
  • Increase the speed of swing to multiply power.
  • Bevel convex blade is fine and makes it easier to remove from wood.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars super splitting axe is a one-time-solution for the people who are searching for a hardy tool that can be handled with ease. This tool can be gripped easily with no risk of getting a deep cut. The Bever convex blade allows you to take out the tool from the wood in just one strike. The tool has the capacity of increasing the power-to-weight ratio and multiplying the power by increasing the swing speed.  There are a different range of Fireman’s axes that can be considered as best for spitting. But, if you are a tall person then choosing Fiskars is the best option for you.

If you are searching for the best fire axe that is unbreakable, place your trust in Fiskars without giving it a second thought. Fiskars splitting axes are the best for cutting large logs in just one try. Its smooth texture and easy to handle with a fantastic grip makes the tool popular. The tool is designed with an ultra-shaped blade and virtually unbreakable. It is a worthy investment if you really want to have brilliant experience with Fireman’s axe.

People who have used it earlier say the product is totally risk-free.

Editor’s Choice

Fiskars X27 Super Axe

Most Trusted Brand

Perfect balance and power-to-weight ratio increase swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat!

Check on Amazon


  • 5.85 pounds weight. The product is handy with a balanced weight.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Sturdy product with hard impact on strike.
  • Best for the persons with a long height.
  • No hand strain while using the product.


  • It may be problematic for a short heighted person to use the tool.


2. Estwing 26″ Axe with All Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip



  • Durable steel made of a combination of carbon alloy and iron.
  • A company with a passion of axe manufacturing for more than 90 years – solely for outdoor purposes.
  • It’s hand polished head and neck is another example of manufacturer’s minute detailing in crafting the tool.
  • Ballistic nylon sheath to cover the blades while not in use.
  • Anti-shock reduction grip handle for comfortable swing while cutting.
  • Comes with life-time warranty.
  • Rigid placement of the axe head with the neck, reducing the chances of head to come out on sudden jerk.
  • Back side of the head has hammerable blunt edges to  beat the solid surface of an object to break it and turn it favorable for chopping.
  • Available in 12”, 14”, 16” inches though, but the 26” inches is listed in the category of best fire axe because of its standard height and shape.

Estwing is one of the leading blade manufacturers of America, who are known for their forged steel quality. The concept of their forged steel construction has formulated with the combination of carbon alloy and iron that makes the blade more competitive than other axe blades. The 90 years old company has earned popularity from the lumberjacks, firefighters as well as firemen because of their uncompromising blade quality.

Estwing tops the ladder of the best fireman’s axe series because of its enhanced safety feature. The anti shock reduction grip reduces the prevent chopping hazards. The protective nylon sheath cover protects the blades while it’s not in use.  Though the durability of the blades are uncompromised. However, if you can try the dual edge sharpening stone gritting tool to sharpen the blades for enhancing the sharpness of the blade. The 4 inches tempered cutting edge reduces the effort while trimming, felling trees, splitting wood. The flexibility of the axe is another advantage for the firemen to break in a property for evacuation. It can be used for chopping trees, trimming stem branches to make the work easier.


  • 7 ounces weight, comparatively lighter than other heavy weight axes.
  • Best known for the customer’s positive ratings.
  • Two different colors available-  blue and black.
  • Dual shaped blade edges- for two different precise cuts. One is for splitting heavy solid objects, the blunt hammerable edges are suitable for hammering rigid objects.
  • Suitable mate for firemen as it’s one of the best fire axes for breaking window panes, chopping woods, during emergency evacuations.
  • A reliable camper’s axe for splitting kindlers, building tinders, etc.


  • Not a very suggestible tool for those who can’t clutch it single handedly.


3. Best Off Grid Multipurpose Fireman’s Axe


  • Most reliable mate of the truckers.
  • Curved edges for pulling nails, can be used as a spanner, additional hammerable edges for hammering on a nail to fix it on ground while making camping tents.
  • Pry bar and lever provided for pulling and removing nails which are loose to avoid unexpected accidents.
  • Smart pry bar cum lever provided to remove the faulty nails on loose.
  • Rigid and powerful anti-shock absorbing grip.
  • Easy to resharpen the blades.
  • Curved hook for removing tyre chains while repairing it in the middle of the highway – an exact friend that truck drivers look for always.
  • Anti shock absorbent grip to enhance safety.

As the name suggests, Off Grid tools are one of the most reliable tool manufacturing companies in the US, who have integrated the requirement of firefighters, campers and truckers under a single roof.

Their multiple purpose off grid tools come in the category of best fire/camping axes because apart from cutting and chopping the tools service tailored requirements.

The opposite edge of the blades are a perfect friend of firefighters, woodsmen, truckers. The pry bar and lever is suitable for removing the defective nails which are on loose. The pointed side of a nail coming out of a piece of wood, rejected by a carpenter, indeed can be hazardous for someone who has ignored the nail. Putting the pry bar on the nail-head and then pulling it up can easily take out the nail and avoid unexpected hazards.

At times, the tyre of a truck carrying logistics and freight from one place to another may get punctured in the middle of a highway. An off Grid trucker’s axe is the best fireman’s/truck driver’s tool, in one such crisis. It’s tire chain hook system facility is suitable to chain the tyres after parking it somewhere safe at the side of a road and lookout for a truck repairing shop/store nearby. Similarly, the spanner hook provided at the back edge of the blade may assist the driver to lift up the truck so that he/she can remove the tires and get it replaced with another one available in the truck.

Maximum firefighters consider OffGrid Tools to be their reliable mate in optimum life saving operations. Apart from cracking or smashing the window panes in an emergency evacuation program, the pry bar cum lever at the other head of the back of the hammerable axe edge can remove loose nails coming out of old wood cover placed on the window panes. During a fire break, it’s rather easy for a firefighter to break the wooden doors or backdoors of a house to rescue the victims who’re already stuck in.

Made in the USA

Best Off Grid Multipurpose Fireman’s Axe

Shock-absorbing power grip!

Handy all-purpose hand tool designed for professionals!

check on amazon


  • Made of 100% pure carbon US alloy steel to protect the blades from rust and corrosion.
  • Multiple purpose best fire axe tool, that’s handy for firefighters and truckers to meet their tailored emergency needs.
  • Reliable campers axe for pulling, removing and fixing nails while making tents.
  • Easy to remove and pull the nails on loose to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Serves as an emergency tool kit for truckers for using it as a spanner to lift up the truck tires or lock the tires after parking.
  • Anti shock absorbent fiberglass grip to avoid accidents.
  • Suitable for smashing hard rigid solid packed ice with the hammerable edges provided at the back.


  • Not a very suggestible tool for the amateurs who’re new to chopping and splitting.


4. Black Legion Firefighter Long Axe – Extra Thick



  • An axe redesigned for modern firefighters.
  • Durability factor redefined.
  • Razor sharp 5 inches blade.
  • Anti shock proof handle for rigid grip.
  • Uncompromising safety for the professionals.
  • Available in black sleek colored design.
  • Guarantees comfort with flexibility.

Manufactured especially for the firefighters, Black Legion comes under the category of best fireman’s axe because of its unique feature.  The 5 inches sharp razor blade of the tool is suitable for breaking potentially large and solid tree trunks, log pieces, bolted doors, etc. in an emergency evacuation.

At times, using a chainsaw for breaking the wooden doors can be too time consuming. It has to be connected with an electric input, plug in wires, etc,. But a potentially strong firefighting axe is a far more superior option. Its blades are sharp enough to breach through potentially tough wood and breach a hole in it, to unbolt the jammed door locks.

That makes the process easy and heckle-free for a firefighter in many ways. Being manufactured in China, the product is well known for its 4 star reviews, that makes it lightweight to carry. The product is also preferred due to its durability and best return for dollars.

Extra Thick

Black Legion Firefighter Long Axe

Firefighter style

Extra thick stainless steel axe head

check on amazon


  • Extra thick head.
  • Attractive sleek looking design.
  • Durable for chopping and cutting, without signs of wear and tear.
  • Easy to swing the axe before hammering the object.
  • Anti-shock proof  black rubberized grip for additional safety.
  • Durable to split solid hard objects without any risk of wear and tear.
  • Quite economical in comparison to other fireman’s axes.


  • Not a very reliable one for those with short height, as carrying the tool might be a bit difficult for them.


5. Extreme Durability:  Nupla 28 Inches Pick Head Fire Axe


  • Heavyweight axe- suitable for hardy work.
  • Durable fine grip with fine design.
  • Best for heavy duty professionals.
  • Best performance is calculated in commercial steel doors.
  • Synthetic construction materials make the product incredibly smooth to use.
  • Sharply cut the edges with flawless finishing.

This tool is made up of the professional workers who love their duty and provide heavy work every day. With only 6 lbs of weight, the tool can be handled smoothly. If you are a traditional worker and love to handle retro designed axes, then this would be the best Fireman’s Axe for you.

This 28 inches Nupla axe can be considered as one of the best fire axes to cut heavy logs and small edged logs as well. It is a 6 feet long tool that can be handled both by short and long heighted people. It just needs a sturdy blow to get the longs cutted into two pieces. You can save a lot of time when you choose to use this Nupla 6 feet long Fireman’s axe.

With a flat head design, this axe can easily fine chop the wood with a fantastic finishing. Use the edges to get the finely sharpened edges. Invest in this tool and we bet that you will not be disappointed.

Hickory Handle

Nupla 28 Inches Pick Head Fire Axe

6 lbs Fire axe

Takes some work, but the value is great.

check on amazon


  • Easy to split hard solid objects.
  • Potentially strong to break through sturdy materials.
  • Capable to deliver big blows in each swing.
  • Moderate weight- that’s why it’s easy to handle.
  • Perfect for chopping large chunks of wood.


  • Sharpening the fire axe can be a bit time consuming.


6. Razor Sharp Edge- Collins HP-3 1/2FD-C Pulaski Axe


  • Extremely long handle making it easier to give a strike without any hassle.
  • Sharp edge for cutting the longs with just one-strike.
  • Made up of high carbon steel.
  • With a weight of ½ pounds for just the head, this fireman’s axe is sturdy.
  • Easy to weild.

You will never have to think about putting repeated strikes when you add Collins HP-3-1 in your list of best fire axes. Made up of high carbon steel with an incredible sharp razor, this tool is the best one indeed. Moreover, if you are worried about getting the axe slipped out of your hands while striking, its 3 feet long handle will help your anxiety to vanish in a jiffy.

The extra long handle improves the speed and leverage with every swing that you make. The best part of the product is that it has a dual featured blade. On one side, you will get a traditional axe blade and on the other side, it has a hoe style axe. The tool can serve your purposes and needs in different ways.

Pulaski Axe

Razor Sharp Edge- Collins

Double injected fiberglass handle

Can also be used as a fireman’s axe, replacement handle, Sequatchie link

check on amazon


  • Long handled axe with sturdy materials.
  • Sharp edges and easily cut heavy logs.
  • Traditional axe blade along with hoe styles make the product a unique choice.
  • Double injected fiberglass handle.
  • Can cut the logs into two with just one heavy strike.


  • Short heighted firemen may not be comfortable to use.


7. Classic 32” inches industrial grade best fireman’s Axe from Nupla


  • Top-quality axe that features with synthetic construction materials.
  • The handle is pretty long and easy to use.
  • Made up of high strength fiberglass.
  • This product too has half traditional axe blade and emergency spike on the other side.
  • Excellent power control.

Reputed as one of the reputed manufacturers of high quality industrial grade tools, Nupla’s name comes first because of its synthetic construction. Multiple times, buyers come up with multiple doubts in their mind whenever they see a synthetic grip for a camping axe.

Well, the grip of Nupla industrial grade axe is a smart fit in the category of  best fire axe as the finely crafted and engineered handle reduces the chances of slipping. Apart from that, it helps the user to avail a precise chop easily. With a weight of 6 pounds, the tool is easy to carry in camping expeditions and trekking trips. The quality of the axe matches with every requirement of firefighters. The double bit engineered configuration of the axe is suitable as an emergency half spike head that’s needed for a firefighter. At times, firemen might need a tool to smack a bolted dorm or a wooden window, or even a backyard gate of a property. This one is a smart choice for meeting all such requirements.  The reverse side of the axe can be used after flipping it to hammer the jammed iron locks or rusted padlocks to break in a property where the main entrance is impossible to break in emergencies.

The tool is also a smart one for the woodmen who need to split and chop potentially hard and solid rocks almost effortlessly.

SB Grip

Nupla Fire Axe with Classic Handle

Non slip grip assures usein slippery conditions

Handle has a molded slug of tough engineering material allowing quick assembly

check on amazon


  • Potentially strong to break tough solid material- can be called as ‘Thor’s hammer’ too.
  • Perfect for a lumberjack, fireman, woodsmen, etc, who’re into log cutting and chopping profession.
  • Highly resistant to different weather conditions.
  • Free from hazards caused due to pests and insects.
  • Impact free from chemicals to cause corrosion and rust.
  • Perfect for chopping and battering.


  • Comparatively heavier than the 28” inches Nupla fire axe.
  • Not recommended for those who’re potentially weak to carry one such axe easily.


8. Slim Line Handle Fireman’s Axe from Nupla


  • With just about 36 inches long, this tool is easy to handle.
  • Sturdy material with incredible durability.
  • Heavy weight head easy to cut logs.
  • The tool is a two-handed beast.
  • Highly resistant to rough weathers like rain or extreme heat.

If you are searching for a tool that has a long handle, go for this 36 inches Nupla best fire axe. This tool has the capacity to cut off heavy longs into two just in one-strike. You can get a bit tired while using the tool as it has a heavy head.  The handle is made up of synthetic materials with excellent grip. There is no risk of getting slipped from the hand and causing an accident.

Your axe will not rot in extreme weather because the tool is made up of proper chemicals that can protect from harsh weather. Insects will also not get any chance to make your tool an inactive one- thanks to the chemicals. Battering and chopping will no longer be a hassle when you choose this Nupla 35 inches Fireman’s axe.

By Nupla

Slim Line Handle Fireman’s Axe from Nupla

Non slip grip assures usein slippery conditions

Used in a number of fighting applications

check on amazon


  • No hassle with gripping due to long handle.
  • Fibreglass materials to protect the tool from harsh weather.
  • Designed with trendy blades that are best for chopping and battering.
  • Heavy weight head with sturdy materials.


  • Short heighted people may find it difficult to use.


How a Fireman’s Axe Can Be the Best Friend of Every Fireman?

As you have already read about the best fireman’s axe available in the market, now it is time to explore what purpose it would serve to you. As a fireman, it is your duty to complete your job and save people’s lives. There should be no chance of compromise or moving apart from the responsibilities. Here are some of the reasons for which you will need a sturdy Fireman’s axe.

  • Easy to Cut Logs in Just One Chance

Keeping an axe in the spot of accident is always a wise decision. Sometimes, it may happen that large branches of trees have fallen on the lanes and blocked the entry path. At that time, this axe will work as your savior. Just a strike and you can cut the logs into two.  There will be no problem with the entry point when you use the tool rightly at the right place.

  • Uncompromising safety

Safety factors must not be compromised while acquiring a fire axe. A fire axe head is crafted and engineered for two variable uses. The sharp edges are meant for chopping heavy objects, whereas  the blunt edges are usually used for hammering or striking the hard materials like locked window panes, jammed door pad-locks, rusted wooden back-yard doors, etc. A fire axe features every such thing that a fireman needs in an emergency evacuation. Fire axe blades with nail puller and pry bar facility is an added benefit for the firefighters.

Which Things Should You Consider Before investing on a Fire Axe?

Buying a fire axe is indeed a risky investment unless you’re not aware of the pros and cons associated with it. Sometimes buyers usually prioritize the price, instead of looking into the quality of the material.

That’s a mistake that you must avoid if you’re looking to invest in a best fire axe for yourself. Always keep some of these below mentioned factors in your mind before buying a fire axe.

  • How potential each strike can be?

There’s pointless in wasting your dollars for buying an axe that needs to swing and hammer multiple times for striking on an object. It’s always wise to invest in a material that’s potential to split a hard solid piece of log, wood in a single swipe. That’s why blade quality should be your primary priority. It’s an added advantage if it’s made of forged steel. Forged steels are made of a combination of alloy and carbon. One such quality assures durability of the blades in the long run.

  • Safety of the material

Axe safety is another factor that you must not neglect while planning to purchase an axe. Before acquiring the axe, find out the weight that you can carry. An axe length begins from 14 inches and can be till 32”/36” inches. If your height and body strength permits you to carry a heavier one, then only go for it, or else choose a lighter one. Also take a look into the grip of the material. If the grip of the axe is not rigid, then it may slip and accidentally you may harm any of your body parts.

Also Read: Best Double Bit Axe that’s Everlasting for Precise Chop

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Remember while Selecting Best Fire Axe

Before choosing the best fire axe, there are few things that you must not forget. It will help you to get the best value return on your investment.

  • Choose a product that meets your requirement and appears comfortable to carry 
  • Never compromise with the quality of the blades. Some people compromise with the blades to negotiate with the price, but that way you’re inviting work hazards. A single error may cost any of your body parts. Definitely your dollars must not be more valuable than that. 
  • If you’re a fireman, make sure that your axe has got multi tasking skills. It should not only be able to chop a log, rather it should be able to break a metal padlock or remove the pointed side of the nail that’s on loose. It must be an ideal replacement of a pry bar, so that it can unfix a bolted nut of an old window pane during emergency evacuation 
  • Length of the axe is also another important factor that you must not forget while choosing an axe

The price factor comes at last, only when you’re done with meeting all these above mentioned criteria before investing on a fire axe. When you see a product that encompasses maximum features mentioned above at a reasonable price, and then only consider it as your ultimate buy!


As you have a total guide about buying the best fire axe, it is now high time to finalize a worthy product that can be said to be the best fire axe and make your job responsibility a smooth one. Choose from the above mentioned list and we bet you will not be disappointed. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.  We always wait for your valuable feedback.


Carlo’s introduction to the wilderness was during his stint in geothermal and geological surveying, which brought him to remote and unusual hiking spots all over Southeast Asia. His outdoor experience has made him an expert in axes and other types of saws.


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