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Electric Knife and Scissor Sharpener – 2020 Updated

April 28, 2020

Electric Knife and Scissor Sharpener : Nothing is more frustrating than using a blunt kitchen knife when you’re trying to prepare food. It makes what should be a quick and easy task into a long, laborious process. The shear variety of kitchen knife sharpeners now available to consumers can leave many people confused and overwhelmed with what to buy.

This article will clear the confusion and highlight the best quality, and value for money, kitchen knife sharpeners there are out there.

#1: Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station

This is one of the best electric kitchen knife sharpeners out there in the market that is used by professional and amateur chefs alike. Chef’s Choice particularly dominates the kitchen knife sharpening market and when reviewing this product, it is easy to see why. The device consists of three stages. The first stage has 100% diamond-impregnated sharpening disks that will bring any dull edge back up to scratch and is perfect for any kitchen knives that have not been sharpened for a while. The second stage will refine the reformed edge produced from stage one into a sharper, cleaner edge. Or it can be used to maintain the sharp edge until it eventually will be needed to be reground by stage one. The third and final stage simulates the ‘stropping’ action that historically was done on the back of a leather belt. This modernized revision of that age-old technique ensures a polished, burr-free knife edge that will be a pleasure to use. The motorised sharpening system means that very little effort will be required to achieve a professional, sharp knife. Another bonus of this product is that it is very safe and easy to use. The angle guides on this knife sharpener will result in a consistent, fool-proof knife sharpening experience. The 3-year warranty is another big bonus as Chef’s Choice prioritize customer satisfaction. This is a great choice for someone who is looking for a quality product that will get them professionally sharp kitchen knife – and keep it sharp.

Most Trusted

Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpening

Easy to use

Built-in precision angle guides in all three stages eliminate guesswork and produce consistently sharp edges every time.

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#2: Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener

This unusual product uses a series of abrasive belts that vary from coarse to superfine, allowing the user to sharpen an array of different knives. The flexible abrasion belts enable the user to sharpen a wide variety of knives and tools. It comes with a sharpening guide that will let you sharpen knives, scissors, serrated blades and more with an accuracy comparable to any top commercial sharpener. Another massive bonus of this machine is its portability. This means you can easily sharpen larger blades, such as lawnmower blades, without the hassle of detaching them from the machine. It is also great for garden tools, pocket knives, arrow-heads and the like. This makes it one of the most versatile knife sharpeners out there that will tackle virtually any sharpening task that gets thrown it’s way. The abrasive belts only take a few seconds to change, and with 5 or less draws of the knife against the edge, you can have a dull knife edge back to better than new condition. However, it does require the most effort and maintenance out of all the knife sharpeners here, and I would not recommend it for someone who’s key feature they’re looking for is speed and convenience. This is a brilliant choice for someone who wants versatility and variability out of their knife sharpener and will not only put superb edges on their kitchen knives but everything else in the household.

Editor’s Choice

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Easily Replaceable Abrasive Grit Belts!

harpen every knife you own like a pro quickly, easily and with repeatable, consistent results. Creates the sharpest blades you’ve ever had!

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#3: Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod

This ceramic sharpening rod has been rated as one of the best rod-type knife sharpeners on Amazon.com and for good reason. It is made from the highest grade sharpening ceramic currently available on the market and is 80% less likely to break when dropped, which is the biggest downside to ceramic knife sharpeners. As this is a manual knife sharpener it does require a bit of time to learn to use correctly, but once that is mastered you will be transforming dull edges into razors within seconds. This style of kitchen knife sharpener has been a classic for many chefs worldwide as is commonly seen on TV and is still the preferred choice for master cooks who will only accept the best quality edge on their knives that can be created in a few swift strokes. Due to the learning curve required for this product, I don’t recommend it for beginners nor people who want a perfect, consistent edge on their knives without investing the hours of the time it takes to master this tool. A great sharpener and at this price little can beat this fantastic value for money product that is a classic and Electric Knife and Scissor Sharpener

Long Lasting

Green Elephant Ceramic Sharpening Rod


LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE handle will provide effortless and safe sharpening experience.

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#4: Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener

This fantastic product from Wusthof is so good at what it does that it almost feels like cheating. Not only that, It is so easy to use that anyone can get perfect, like-new edge with little effort and in no time. This machine has been known to bring knives back from the dead by turning dull bits of steel that were once knives back into great food prepping tools with factory standard edges that will impress any head chef. The three-stage sharpening system caters for a vast array of knife sharpening tasks. The first wheel is the lowest grit and is perfect for putting a new edge on those knives that have received much use against the cutting board that they are now about the sharpness of a butter knife. The second and third stages are finer grits and are perfect for maintaining an already sharp edge once a week or so. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to invest a little into a quality sharpener that will provide them with impressive, hassle-free sharpening experience that will last for years. Checkout this Electric Knife and Scissor Sharpener

Best in Price

Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener

Easy to use!

This sharpener has three stages.

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#5: Wusthof 10″ Diamond Steel Rod

Wusthof is an iconic knife sharpening brand and this rod-style knife sharpener most certainly lives up to this name. However, at around $25, this does push the envelope for a ‘budget’ knife sharpener. But this knife sharpener is a must for people looking for a brilliant and useful knife sharpener that particularly caters for kitchen knives. You’ll see this style of knife sharpener in all kitchens from domestic to the top commercial restaurants around the world. This product is great for medium to large knives, not just kitchen knives, and really dominates when it comes to sharpening speed. A few swipes on both sides of the blade quickly give your knife a great cutting edge again. This style of knife sharpener requires a bit of practice to get right, but after a few goes, you should be getting consistent and sharp edges on all of your knives. This knife sharpener is oval, not the standard round cylindrical shape that most rod sharpeners are formed as. This serves to useful purposes: it is easier to use, serving well to beginners that are unfamiliar with this knife type, and it creates more contact point to the knife-edge which increases sharpening efficiency and speed. Overall this is a great knife sharpener, and no list of this kind would be complete without it.

Most Durable

Wusthof 10″ DiamongSteel Rod

Easy Returns!

Magnetic steel that attracts metal fibers

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So, Here was our list of Best Electric Knife and Scissor Sharpener.


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