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Best Scissor Sharpener – 2020 Updated

April 28, 2020

Best Scissor Sharpener: Anyone who’s tried to cut with blunt scissors knows how frustrating it can be. This doesn’t need to be, however, as there is a wide range of scissor sharpeners available for you to choose from. Many people will buy new scissors once they become blunt, which is a big waste of money.  By investing in a scissor sharpener, you will save time and money! Some of the products are both scissor and knife sharpeners – a convenient duality that often goes well together. In this article, we will highlight our top 5 Best Scissor Sharpeners out there that will give you maximum satisfaction, guaranteed.

#1 Wamery Knife and Scissor Sharpening System

This great design is guaranteed to meet all your sharpening requirements. The three-step sharpening process will provide a formidable cutting edge on anything you throw at it! It’s quick and easy: 3 to 4 strokes and your scissors or knives will be ready to use. It’s ergonomically designed, meaning it is both safe and comfortable to use and is fitted with a non-slip base which will ensure that it won’t go anywhere when you’re using it. Wamery is a great company that is worth supporting: their fair trade policy is great and they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back!

Editor’s Choice

Wamery Scissor Sharpeners

Best in Category


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#2 Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

This sharpener by Smith is a 2-in-1 sharpener. It has premium sharpening slots for all types of straight-edged knives. More importantly for this article, it has a larger slot specifically designed for scissors. The slots are enlarged to accommodate garden shears too. The sharpening mechanism consists of carbide rods and the sharpening angles are preset for consistent sharpening angles. This brilliant sharpener will sharpen any edge in just 3 to 4 pulls. It is great for home and office use, as well as in the field. The comfortable rubber handle grip means it is safe and easy to use. It is open on one end, allowing it to be easily attached to a backpack or belt. The plastic is lightweight and durable – a quality promise that Smith holds themselves to.

Most Durable

Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener​

Long Lasting

Crafted from the highest quality materials

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#3 Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener

This little scissor sharpener is a great addition to any office, kitchen drawer or sewing box. The sharpener uses ceramic rods that will restore the edge to your scissors in just several passes. The ceramic rods are extremely hard – ensuring many years of use. The slots are specifically angled to give you accurate and consistent results. Simple and easy to use – this is a basic scissor sharpener for anyone who wants just that.

Most Trusted

Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener

Ideal for sharpening scissors

Ceramic rod restores a sharp edge in just a few passes and lasts for years

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#4: Friskars Desktop Scissors Sharpener

Designed with the office worker in mind, this is the perfect scissor sharpener for any office desktop. It is essentially a bigger, hardier version on the Friskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener (see above). This product will last you for years, and the hardened sharpening rods are specifically angled for optimal blade sharpening. It’s well designed in that you can comfortably hold and use it – for the best sharpening results. It is lightweight and can be stored away easily.

Long Lasting

Desktop Scissors Sharpener

Lifetime warranty

Lightweight, compact design provides easy storage

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#5: AccuSharp Shear Sharp Scissor Sharpener

AccuSharp is a well-established sharpener brand, and make many quality products. This scissor and shear sharpener is one of those. This great product makes your job easier – and safer: its safety handgrip prevents against accidental cuts. The tungsten carbide sharpening rods are diamond cut, providing a razor sharpening edge that will last for a long time. The sharpening angle will revive your scissors back to factory standard and it only takes a few seconds to get this excellent, cutting edge on your tools. This affordable sharpener is dishwasher friendly and very easy to use. Recommended.

Trusted Brand

AccuSharp Shear Sharp Scissor Sharpener

Made in United States

Built for performance and durability

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